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About Tom

Tom McManus was one of the original members of the Jacksonville Jaguars and played with the team from 1995-1999.  Prior to that, he was out of football for two years, tending bar in Chicago, after being an All-American at Boston College his Senior year.  He is a member of the BC Hall of Fame, Class of 2009.

He played an instrumental role during the Jaguars early successes in the mid-to-late 90’s, including being the starting middle linebacker for the team during it’s Cinderella year of 1996 when the Jaguars reached the AFC Championship Game in only their second year of existence.  In 1999, a foot injury sidelined him for good and his dream was over. Tom was known for his all out work ethic on the field and his approachability off it.

He has built his second career as a self-employed entrepreneur, including owning and hosting a talk radio show during morning drive on the regional Fox network, 930 The Fox.  He also hosts and produces his own TV show during football season.  Both shows are titled, “Tom McManus Uncensored”.

Also a published author and a motivational speaker, Tom speaks to all types and sizes of audiences. His book is a life story based on his relationship with his father.  It is titled, “We’ll Always Be Pals”; The last words of a dying father and a true hero!  It is a true story filled with lessons passed down from a father to his son and from generation to generation.

Tom has aligned himself with The Wounded Warrior Project, donating proceeds per every book sale to the organization known for helping our brave and courageous soldiers, from all over the world, whom are severely injured fighting for our country’s freedom.

Tom also is a partner in Suck It Up! Productions, a production company dedicated to creating and developing all types of projects for various mediums; reality TV, feature film, and musical productions.  He is also best suited for networking and bringing people together to make things happen.

He is heavily involved with the Northeast Florida community and beyond, helping out charitable causes wherever he can, most notably Tom Coughlin’s Jay Fund Foundation and The C.H.I.L.D. Cancer Fund.

A family man, Tom credits his success due to the inspiration of his wife Kristina and their three daughters, Avery, Kelsey and Harley.  Tom currently resides in Ponte Vedra Beach, a beach community just outside Jacksonville, Florida.


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