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Speaking Testimonials

Tom McManus is a uniquely gifted motivational speaker. His background as an NFL linebacker and the wisdom passed down to him from his father make his presentations extremely meaningful to audiences both young and old. Tom’s life experiences and personal story can never be told too many times.

The core of his drive to motivate others comes from his strong family foundation and the desire to do more than what most would consider to be “enough” in life. His positive “can do” attitude invigorates his audiences and leaves them ready to “tackle” anything that life may throw in their way.

I would highly recommend Tom to any CEO or manager who is looking for a way to motivate their team to success. I would also highly recommend Tom to any youth groups who are looking for positive role models who can effectively influence their young members.

Steven Schaefer

Hotel Manager

The Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island

I have asked Tom McManus to work with my team on several occasions and I highly recommend him to any business looking for a way to communicate a positive “can do” message and motivate their employees. Tom has a unique way of using his experiences in life and sports to reach his audience at multiple levels. My team is composed of males and females from a variety of races, ethnic backgrounds, ages, life experiences and yes – some of then have no idea what football is, yet each one left Tom’s presentation motivated, invigorated and ready to tackle life head on. I try to expose my team to a variety of professional development opportunities and have used many presenters and speakers in the past years. None of them are as effective as Tom! As a result I would recommend Tom to any CEO or manager looking for a way to motivate their team to success.

Myron Pincomb

President and CEO

Educational Tools, Inc.


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