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In business, in sports, and in life. Quit your damn crying and Suck It Up!  Entitlement? For what? Earn it! Get off your ass, do your job, and quit blaming your woes on everyone and everything else and look in the mirror.

Suck It Up!


Had my first surfing lesson/experience today in Atlantic Beach, FL.  I have to admit it’s been on my “bucket list” for quite some time.  I have always been enamored with the balance and athleticism surfers have.  I have also been envious for their lack of fear.  See, the one reason that always kept me out of the water, was my geatest fear; being attacked by a shark.  Now, being eaten by anything that is wild would not be much fun, but there’s something about not seeing what’s coming, or what’s lurking below, that always scares me to death.  In south Florida or in the Gulf of Mexico, God bless those people that are dealing with that disatrous oil spill, at least you can see “it” coming. 

But, today was different.  Maybe it was because I was out in the water with a handful of guys, some of which were expert surfers, and I didn’t want to appear weak.  Us male lions do not like to show any weakness, for we do not have any, except when we tick off our hot lioness mama.  Ha ha! Or maybe it was because of the thrill of “dropping in” on that first wave.  Could have been Mr. Motes who was out there with us the whole time and even showed us what it was lik to “rip” on a stand up paddle board.  Mr. Motes, as I respectfully call him, had this incredible “live life to the fullest” type of energy, probably from his 60 years of experience on this Earth.  That’s how I want to be when I grow up, active as all get out and living man, just pure living.

Yeah today was different.  I actually only thought of what could possibly be swimming beneath me only a couple of times.  It paled in comparison to the incredible euphoric feelng you get when you get up on the board and ride that wave into the shore.  Oh yeah, I’m hooked.  I got up on my third wave on this 10 foot six inch boat of a board.  After awhile, I wanted to try the lighter, less stable long board.  I was confident that I could handle the next challenge.  Well, let’s just say that thing was really bad ass and tough as shit.  The thing wore me out so bad that I had to come home and take a nap.  I couldn’t catch one wave with that beast.  Oh well, maybe next time.

I am really proud of myself today.  I overcame a fear and tried something new.  And now I’m hooked.  Can’t wait to see the look on my wife’s face when I tell her I have found a new hobby.  Hey at the very least it will give me an extra incentive to move over to the beach side of A1A one day, so when my friends or family come by and ask her where I’m at.  “He’s out surfing”.  Damn right, maybe till the day I die!

Don’t ever be afraid to try something out of your comfort zone.  You never know, you just may like it. 

Cheers everyone!  All the best.

Tommy Mac

A first for me…

I had the pleasure of being the TV color analyst last night for the Arena Football League matchup between the Jacksonville Sharks and the Tulsa Talons.  I had never done that before and going in I didn’t really know what to expect.  After my experience, I have come to realize that a color analyst is only good as his set up man.  TJ Streight did the play by play and let’s just say made it real easy.  But enough about me.  I have to admit I never really got into the Arena Football League game.  I went to a game back in the 90′s in Orlando and came away thinking that the game was okay.  After last night’s experience, I have come to the realization that Arena football is pretty damn cool.  After being a middle linebacker in the NFL for 5 years, I know that being at the elite level in football is the ultimate, but there is a place for the Arena game.  First of all, it’s football, and the athletes are pretty athletic.  The game is played in a condensed, quick hitting box.  Everything is quick.  Instincts from the players.  Defensive linemen with their pass rushing moves.  The quarterback getting the ball out.  I know Kurt Warner is the poster child for QB’s going from Arena League to the NFL, but you can see the training that Arena QB’s get every time they take the field.  Getting the ball out quick and putting it in the right spot is essential.  Typically an NFL QB has to get he ball out under 4 seconds before someone is hitting his ass.  In the Arena game, it goes down to under 2 seconds.  Receivers have to run precise routes and are often under heavy pressure from the DB’s when they make the catch.  There is no room for error in the Arena game because scoring can happen at any given time.  Last night both the Sharks and the Talons scoerd over 60 points each.  As a former defensive player, I can’t get too carried away with that, for if we ever gave up that many points we would have all been out of a job.  But I have to admit, I was caught up in the excitement.  The game was won on the last play of the game, a great throw to the back of the end zone.  Aaron Garcia, the Brett Farve of the Arena League, became only the second player in the history of the league to throw for more than 900 touchdowns.  That’s right 900! The crowd was amped up the whole time.  They jam music all throughout the game, including a few tunes from my favorite rock n’ roll band, ACDC .  They had some type of entertainment during every time out or at the end of each quarter.  The 9,000 plus in attendance was rocking the whole time.  The cheerleaders did their part, showing their stuff every chance they got.  The coaches come out onto the field quite oten, and even the players and coaches get interviewed during the game.  All in all, I was extremely impressed and I look forward to doing it again.  At the end of the day, these Arena players would like nothing more than to showcase their talents at the highest level of football, but it’s great that they at least get to play the game they love.  I think it just shows you how tough it is to make it to the NFL.

So, I’m in and I highly recommend it to anyone who likes the game of football.  It’s a different style but a high energy, high flying, anything can happen at any given time type of game.  At the very least, it fills the void until Fall.  If you want entertainemnt, and let’s face it, that’s what all fans want regardless of what they are watching, then the Arena Football League is just what youare looking for.

Have a great Sunday everyone.  The McManus family will be heading to Mass then back to the casa for a day by the pool, drinking a couple of beers, and cooking out on the grill.  Now that’s what I call a great way to wrap up the weekend.


Tommy Mac

Take a chance!

Opportunity in one’s life can be an interesting thing.  There’s the kind of opportunity that you see directly in front of you, knowing that it is heading your way.  Other times an opportunity arises from something else you have been working towards and because you expanded your horizons a bit you have created another opportunity.  Sure, staying in your comfort level can be, well, comforting, and safe, but taking a chance and seeing if you can create opportunities for yourself, can be so gratifying and rewarding.  Sure, you may not see the light at the end of the tunnel immediately, but, if you keep your eye on the goal at hand, while expanding your talents into other areas of your life and career, the final outcome may be something grander than you ever imagined. 

Take me for instance, I talk on the radio for a living.  I own my time which means that I sell all of my endorsements and advertising personally.  I like to say that I “eat what I kill”.  I make a decent living at it, but that is not all I do.  I have written a book, created and hosted my own TV show, and started a small production company for TV, film, and musical ideas.  Every time I came up with these projects, they all came from an idea that I came up with.  I believe in them and have cultivated them into varying levels of my success.  And I’m still not done nor satisfied with their outcome just yet, but I will continue to believe in them until it’s time to give them up.  Oh yeah, I’m still dreaming.  And when one dream doesn’t work out or leaves me dissatisfied, guess what?  I dream another dream. 

Yesterday I traveled down to Boca Raton, Florida to meet with an executive in the motivational speaking industry.  She is President of her own company and she forms and places speakers of all industries.  I’ve done some speaking over the years, some of which I had video taped.  I’ve never had representation for this field, so when I had the opportunity to meet with this executive, I was ready and was not afraid to show her all of my material.  Why not?  What’s the worst thing she could have said to me?  “You’re not for us?” Okay, then on to the next one who may think I am for them. 

Tonight, I will be doing something for the very first time.  I am the color commentator on a local TV station for a live Arena Football League game, right here in Jacksonville.  I have never done it before, but when I was asked if I would be interested, I said yes.  Am I scared?  No.  Not one bit.  I believe in my abilities and have done my homework for the game.  I say, Bring it on! 

The point of this post is that you can never be afraid to try.  You can never be afraid to take that chance.  So, what if it doesn’t work out.  Maybe something else will come out of it.  In football, we were always told, “the more you can do.”  The more versatile you were the more valued you were to the team.  Same in business and in life.

I know it’s not easy for a lot of people out there right now.  But, let’s get creative.  Let’s think of something else that we can do to give ourselves an additional opportunity to succeed.  Sure, it will take hard work, but I always believe that anything worth anything is going to take a whole lot of something!

You can do it.  Expand your horizons a bit, round yourself out a little more.  And never be afraid to take that chance.  You never know what it can bring you.

All the best!

Tommy Mac

Suck it up!

Yeah I know it sounds harsh but c’mon, what are you going to do, sit there and cry about things or do something about it?  Give up?  No way!  Not with this cat.  Sometimes things can be hard, in life, in business, and in sports.  And?  Hey, it is what it is.  Toughen up people it’s a tough world.  Keep your head down and your chin up.  Counter punch, counter punch, counter punch!  What else are you going to do?  Sit and wait for your lucky star to arrive?  Guess what?  It’s not going to happen.  Every person that I have met in my lifetime that was successful had to believe in what they were doing and busted their tails to achieve that dream.  Let me tell you a quick story.  My father lived through the Great Depression, from the beginning of it until the end.  Being the oldest of three, he started working at the age of 13 to help the family out, earning 5 bucks a week.  When he was in college, he led the way again.  The day after Pearl Harbor he left his full football scholarship and enlisted in the Army Air Core.  He learned to fly the B-24 bomber when he knew nothing about planes.  He and his crew flew 22 missions until they were shot down on their 23rd.  All but one survived and the rest had to endure life as Prisoners of War for 11 months!  Tough?  You bet your ass it was tough!  But they survived, they overcame, and beat the odds.  Today I  heard a story from a football coach who’s Dad grew up in Oklahoma during the Depression.  “They didn’t have a pot to piss in”, was what he said, verbatim.  He also told me that his Dad’s family lived in South Carolina prior to Oklahoma.  Want to know how they got to their new home?  They walked!  Walked!  The whole way!  Wow, now that’s tough.  But, that generation knew what it took.  They earned everything that they had and never acted like they were entitled to something better.  They worked their asses off for it.  This generation we live in needs to have some of that rub off on them.  I know, sometimes things don’t go our way and it feels like the world is on our back. Well, how do you make it better?  My answer, suck it up and make it better.  Quit your crying, say your prayers, and get after it!  Dream, dream big.  And when one dream doesn’t work out then dream another dream.  Accomplish goals and you’ll get to wherever it is that you want to go.  Trust me it works.  I say it’s the only way!

Best to you all!

Tommy Mac


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